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[01 Jul 2006|11:22pm]
Dropping Ryouhei...sorry guys...didn't really do much here anyways ^^

[04 Jun 2006|12:40am]
'Cause I don't have time to play anymore ↓
I'm droppin' BAN. Bye-bye all~! ♥

[20 May 2006|11:08pm]

Get I get Yomi on hold for about a week 'till after exams? X'3 Thnx!

One App. down! [23 Jan 2006|08:40pm]
xYour Name: Miku

xJrocker: Ryouhei (Ayabie)

xYour AIM: ASVampireNoise
MSN: marionette_dollie@hotmail.com

xYear: 1st year

xProfile: Ryouhei is a very determined young man. He busies himself to get his work done. He's always on the run or at least he wants to believe he is busy even if he is not, and often walks and talks too fast without noticing. This might be because his father and mother are both business executives who work for busy companies so he was brought up to reach for perfection. He is very into his music, and won't be satisfied unless everything is perfect. He usually has no time for fun and friends, which causes a lot of inner turmoil for him, but he hides it from everyone else.

xSample Post: Ryouhei scurried down the street towards the school. A notebook in one arm, his cell phone up to his ear in his other hand. "Hai, I know...all right..." he spoke into the phone to the unknown caller on the other side. He stopped once he reached a stop light, finally closing his phone and slipping it back into his pocket. He stood there for a moment, trying to rekindle his breath. Usually talking and walking so quickly at once took quite a bit out of a person.

Once recovered, he was on his way once more down the sidewalk and to the school.

(so nevermind about putting him on hold, lol ^^)
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[23 Jan 2006|08:26pm]
Can I put Ryouhei (Ayabie) on hold, pwetty please??!!! :x

Takemo x Nono 2 [21 Jan 2006|04:43pm]

rating: NC-17 whee
warnings: uhm >>; molestage of Nono? almost sex. mmhm.
summary: Nono and Takemo meet in the parking loooot~ Takemo's still up to his fruitisizing ways and finds Nono has a big trunk...hmmm...and molestage ensues.


Hiroppon & L'amuz [20 Jan 2006|07:58am]

[ mood | thirsty ]

Rating: G

Warnings: -

Summary: Hiroto and L'amuz meet each other in the school's canteen, and... yay for short summaries!

You had my food... You're not having my drink, too!Collapse )


[19 Jan 2006|04:37pm]

Meru has been bored. And when she's bored she can't draw...But she wanted to anyways, so she did. And she drew something for her muse Sora 8D Because he has a crazy ass stalker-like fanbase, yes he does...But I was so bored it's not even so funny XD;; Ok right~ go on and see 8D

Ghetto Meru drawing time 8D//ver. school newspaper article...thingy...Collapse )
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[19 Jan 2006|03:39pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Okay~ I have just 2 quick things.

Okay so first off I dunno if I'll be able to post anything as of right now since I've been banned from the computer right now. But hopefully that'll end soon so I don't have to sneak of XD'

Okay and even though I haven't posted anything I am active, it's just my rp's usually get to be reeeeeallly long XD with no good breaking point, I mean I could break it up but you'd all be like "WTF that's the suckiest place to stop!" And when I say long I mean loooong so far it's 15 pages and it's just the first day XD ahhh so when I do post it I think I'll break it up so you don't all die from the length of it. XD ahhh so yes.


Log >>;;; [17 Jan 2006|04:48pm]
Characters: Nono x Takemo
Rating: PG 13?
Warnings: None.. cursing I guess?
Summary: Nono and Takemo are in faservice class. During class, Takemo realizes how Nono firmly holds on to the belief that he is straight and sets out to prove him wrong.

I'M ABUSED!!!Collapse )

[16 Jan 2006|09:07pm]

Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Aito gets lost [he's very good at that...], Sora's looking for some peace from his fangirls. They chat up on the roof over lunch.

How -do- you confuse yourself?Collapse )

Dos Applications~! [14 Jan 2006|01:27am]
[ mood | lethargic ]

xYour Name: Angel
xJrocker: Aki of Sid
xYour AIM or MSN: AIM: Miko Nakoruru, MSN: reiofhope@msn.com
xYear: 3
xClass: xxxx

xProfile: Aki has basically had a normal upbringing and school life... nothing too extraordinary or weird has ever happened in his life until the day he picked up a bass for the first time and found his true calling. ♥ He met Yuana early on and the two of them decided to enroll into VK high together.
Aki is cute, people-person type of guy who likes to make everyone happy. Initially Aki may shroud himself with an air of quiet shyness but once he gets to know someone he can warm their existence with his sweet personality. Admittedly he can be a bit of a flirt but loves to play hard to get.
Oh yeah. Aki loves piercings. And butterflies. Every last piercing adorning his body was self-inflicted and Aki is proud of every last one. Occasionally he will allow a piercing to heal and start a new one elsewhere if the mood fits... he's also been known to pierce those that ask nicely. ♥
xSample Post: See below!


xYour Name: Angel
xJrocker: Yuana of Kagerou
xYour AIM or MSN: AIM: Miko Nakoruru, MSN: reiofhope@msn.com
xClass: xxxx

xProfile: Yuana never really knew where to go in his life; in school he was smart but never tried instead enjoying the company of his friends and copying from their work and as a consequence recieved poor marks. After listening to metal music for the first time Yuana was bitten by the desire to be in a band. Hard. After enrolling in VK High Yuana has decided to take up classes in both guitar and vocals.
Yuana is generally awkward, shy, and quiet. He also tends to zone out around people. THis of course is the antethesis of his crazy and weird stage personality. If there's one thing Yuana is shy about is his body-he will try to never show much skin. Oh yes and he's a dork at heart. He has developed a taste for piercings and often seeks Aki's aid.

xSample Post: This is more like a short log... with myself!Collapse )

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Sorry Bou-chan this isn't exactly the right way. [08 Jan 2006|05:45pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

I need something to relieve stress.

This is a short and some what sappy log. But damnit, we need it.

Just a little cursing.

Just some fucking random boy..Collapse )


[08 Jan 2006|10:14am]

Just to clear things up >>;
Shiyuu's letter to YumaCollapse )
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last log-ness [08 Jan 2006|09:44am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

*cough* ...Err yeah. I'm dropping Shiyuu o.o

SanaxShiyuu 5 // Last Log

rating: pg-13? oO;; *stillsucksatthat*
warnings: they mention sex? emooooooo
summary: Sana has a nice day planned, and Shiyuu confessed before they can make it anywhere.

I know you're going to leave meCollapse )


Drop [07 Jan 2006|04:57pm]

[ mood | procrastinating history essay ]

Hey! Okay so I have a drop, knowing myself I will probably pay more attention to one muse rather than my two. XD ahhh I'm so bad all of you have like 4 and I have 2 bringing it down to 1 haha, okay so I'm droping Takumi for Rentrer en Soi. XD'

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Application 2 [07 Jan 2006|07:05pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

since everyone is making another one (or two ... or three) ,  i decided that i needed to make another muse too ^^ lookie lookie ...

xYour Name: kairii

xJrocker: kai + gazette

xYour AIM : aiaikai - is kai's , hikarikairii - is mine

xYear: 1st



Part: Drums
Birthday: October 28th
Birthplace: "New Jersey is good!"
Blood: B
Height: 172cm
Hobby: Soccer, Cooking, Collecting Zippos
Favourite Drink: "Not apple juice (smile) but apple juice." [He used RINGO JUUSU the first time, then APPURU JUUSU the second.]
Disliked Food: Taro[potato], Eggplant
Number of Piercings: Left: 2
Shoe Size: 25-27 cm
Color: Black, Red,White,Blue,Silver, Gold
Animal: Dog, Tiger, Crocidile/Alligator


hmmm ... what can i say about kai ... he has the same nick as me . he's pretty random ... and he's really weird too . i love drummers ^^ love kai ...

xSample Post:  "KAI ! THAT'S THE WRONG NOTE ! LEARN AND PRACTISE THE GUITAR , BOY !" kai winced . he couldn't help being a wonderful and EXTREMELY unique guitarist , unique in the sense that he plays an F note for every C . kai sighed and braced himself for the usual , long , tireless speech that the teacher gave to him personally . it must be a privelige . kai sighed and watched the teacher ramble on about practise , practise , practise ...

the lesson was over and kai was the first to stand up and leave . or TRY to leave . he grimaced and quickly turned his head as the teacher looked in his direction . when the class was dismissed , kai ran out and dramatically took a deep breath . he looked at the other students and grinned "only I get special treatment from that teacher ... and personal speeches . " the other students laughed and continued walking . but kai had stopped at another doorway of along the corridor . he looked inside longingly . drums . he had always wanted to play them . he sighed and ran to catch up with his classmates .

weeeee ....


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drop [07 Jan 2006|05:13pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

heya. i'm dropping sana.

tho, i'd like a last log with meru, so sana can explain himself and stuff, before he leaves for london to join his family.

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YumaXShiyuu [06 Jan 2006|07:44pm]

rating: Nc-17
warnings: sex cheating ...it's kinda long too >>
summary: Shiyuu is emoing in class, and Yuma wants to help. He helps a little too well, maybe...

If you want to ever leave him.. Collapse )

oh god don't kill me wicchan x.x

SanaxShiyuu 4 [05 Jan 2006|12:11pm]

rating: -you know i hate these- err >> pg
warnings:...none really...
summary: Sana comes by Shiyuu's room to confess oO; *kills brain*

What do you want me to say?Collapse )

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